We want PIKU to be as easy and as accessible as possible so with that in mind we've drawn up a list of questions that you might have about how to use PIKU!


Can I put my PIKU piece in the dishwasher?


PIKU is designed to be washed by hand only once it has been allowed to dry for 24 hours and then oven baked for a further 15 minutes. For best results, we recommend hand washing with cold / warm water.


Can I use my PIKU piece to eat hot foods off of?


We don’t recommend that PIKU comes into contact with hot foods. The transfers will have been ‘baked’ or ‘fired’ onto the ceramic surface, this however does not ensure protection against very hot liquids.


What is the difference between stickers and PIKU transfers?


PIKU transfers are water activated and permanent. The solvents in the inks once immersed in water for 15/20 seconds transfer on to the ceramic surface, additionally with air drying and oven baking the transfer becomes moulded to the ceramic surface. They are much thinner and subtler than stickers and once baked onto the ceramic piece will look like they've always been there!


Do I need special tools to use PIKU at home?


Absolutely not! PIKU is designed to be a accessible as possible. We recommend along with your ceramic object, a  small sharp pair of scissors, small bowl of water and a folded piece of absorbent tissue such as kitchen towel. And of course a home oven!


Can I use any ceramics at home for PIKU?


We recommend white ceramics. The motifs work best against the palest background possible. We encourage upcyling, so have a look around and see what white ceramics you can breather a new lease of life into. You'd be amazed what fantastic pieces we've picked up in flea markets and in junk shops on our travels!


Do I need to cut right to the edge of the PIKdesigns? Some of them look fiddly!


Don't worry you don't have to be a ninja with your little scissors! The PIKU transfer sheets are printed on transparent film so if you leave a little border around the edges of the motifs that you cut out it will be virtually invisible. Take a look at our Instagram feed @piku.berlin for helpful tips and suggestions.


Does PIKU work on plastics?


PIKU is designed for use on ceramics. We do not recommend transferring onto plastic or other materials if you want a long-lasting design. PIKU transfers will stick, however,  to most smooth surfaces.


Where can I buy PIKU offline?


At the moment PIKU is available to buy in Berlin at Let It Bleed and Hei Hei Studio in Kreuzberg. Don't worry, we will have it in other shops very soon!


Is there a use by date on PIKU?


To maintain quality and vibrancy of PIKU transfers, we recommend using within 3 months of purchase.